Community Charity Weekends


The Annual Rotaract Community Service week is already here .. This time scheduled to take place on the 19th Nov, 26th Nov , 3rd Dec and 10th Dec..

Project 1: 19th Nov 2016
Tigoni Hospital Visit
A visit to Tigoni hospital, where we talk to patients and donate to the mothers and the new born babies’ sanitary and bathing items for a healthy comfortble start of life. We will then embark in cleaning the compound as we plant trees around the hospital compound.

Project 2: 26th Nov 2016
Cancer Public forum:
This will happen at Docklands hotel conference hall where we will invite specialists in the different types of cancer to come and educate those in attendance about the different forms of Cancer, early testing, screening, treatment and care for cancer patients. The forum will be free for the general public and will run from 10am-4pm

Project 3: 3rd Dec 2016
Jengea Cucu:
We hope to build our Cucu in Muguga Kikuyu a better house compared to her current small house. This will be our third visit to the her and with it we hope to put up a place where her mentally challeged daughter and her can have a better place to call home.
Project 4: 10th Dec 2016

St Edwin’s Children Home Visit.
The visit to the home will see us spend time with the kids, mentor them, play with them, wash and cook for them as we also take our Christmas gifts to them. The visit will also see us deliver a school fees kitty that will help reduce their huge school fees arrears that is threatening to have some kids drop out of school.


To Rotary Rotaract The World Over


A Special Toast to Rotary and Rotaract.
With our sparkling Champagne bottle, we make a toast to this family we love and want to see grow as we Serve Humanity.
This sunday will be one of those few ones where we get to welcome our Rotary Sponsor Club. Come meet the great Minds in Rotary and the world as we host Rotary Club of Karen , Rotary Club of Limuru and Rotarians from other Clubs in our Fellowship plus our very Own Rotaractors Friends and Guests.
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The Interview

This Sunday, it’s all about those Interview Questions you will face..
It’s about your answers, your presentation and your confidence in that interview room.
Join us as we engage Mercy W. Macharia a Certified Coach, Public Speaker and Business Consultant as we Dissect the Interview Process.

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First Rule for an interview,

March is Rotary Literacy Month

 March rotary



March is the month that we showcase literacy. All across the world Rotarians and Rotaractors note the importance of reading and support numerous programs that help children and adults to gain the ability to read.


Reading, writing and character literacy are essential to independence and economic freedom. Far too many adults in Africa live in poverty today because they haven’t mastered those skills. Far too many children are currently at risk of falling into the same trap. Illiteracy is one of the world’s most serious problems.


The inability to read translates into many difficulties. Safely driving a car, voting in an election, using a newspaper, applying for a job or having mom read a bedtime story are just a few of the challenges to be overcome.


Literacy is a basic skill that helps us to fight poverty, increase productivity, and gain skills to help ourselves and help the people around us.

Rotary and Rotaract Clubs carry out different activities to celebrate and create awareness of the role of Education in society. This may include but not limited to ;

Schedule a speaker on a literacy topic for a regular meeting.

Present a literacy award or recognition at a regular meeting.  Recognize teachers, librarians or civic leaders who promote the literacy within your community.

Sponsor a newspaper radio or TV advertisement or billboard about Rotary’s work with literacy.

Undertake a literacy project at home and abroad.

Recruit a new member who is passionate about literacy.

Initiate the club’s literacy project planning process for 2015. 

Celebrate the club’s literacy project successes during 2015.


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