Community Charity Weekends


The Annual Rotaract Community Service week is already here .. This time scheduled to take place on the 19th Nov, 26th Nov , 3rd Dec and 10th Dec..

Project 1: 19th Nov 2016
Tigoni Hospital Visit
A visit to Tigoni hospital, where we talk to patients and donate to the mothers and the new born babies’ sanitary and bathing items for a healthy comfortble start of life. We will then embark in cleaning the compound as we plant trees around the hospital compound.

Project 2: 26th Nov 2016
Cancer Public forum:
This will happen at Docklands hotel conference hall where we will invite specialists in the different types of cancer to come and educate those in attendance about the different forms of Cancer, early testing, screening, treatment and care for cancer patients. The forum will be free for the general public and will run from 10am-4pm

Project 3: 3rd Dec 2016
Jengea Cucu:
We hope to build our Cucu in Muguga Kikuyu a better house compared to her current small house. This will be our third visit to the her and with it we hope to put up a place where her mentally challeged daughter and her can have a better place to call home.
Project 4: 10th Dec 2016

St Edwin’s Children Home Visit.
The visit to the home will see us spend time with the kids, mentor them, play with them, wash and cook for them as we also take our Christmas gifts to them. The visit will also see us deliver a school fees kitty that will help reduce their huge school fees arrears that is threatening to have some kids drop out of school.

The Kings and Queens of Karaoke

karioked23Every Rotary and Rotaract Club has had their own version of the Karaoke, Every one of them has had its Best moments that we just wish to recapture Affirm, Confirm and Ultimately Crown the best of the finest as the Rotary-Rotaract Kings and Queens of Karaoke.
“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”
Come Sing your heart out, come listen to some of the sweet calm composed voices plus some screamy melodies from the 80s, 90, and 2000s… Its all about the Karaoke..
Doing it for a cause, as we warm up for our Annual Community Service Week later in the year with some amaaazing Craaazy Auction Deals, you wouldn’t want to miss out..
The Karaoke and Auction will be an event to raise money for our upcoming Community Service weekend scheduled for 19th Nov -10th Dec 2016; see this link for details
Bring along your Family, Friends and Colleagues to sing for a cause…
…Is Your Club ready for this??…
…Are You Ready for this??..

To Rotary Rotaract The World Over


A Special Toast to Rotary and Rotaract.
With our sparkling Champagne bottle, we make a toast to this family we love and want to see grow as we Serve Humanity.
This sunday will be one of those few ones where we get to welcome our Rotary Sponsor Club. Come meet the great Minds in Rotary and the world as we host Rotary Club of Karen , Rotary Club of Limuru and Rotarians from other Clubs in our Fellowship plus our very Own Rotaractors Friends and Guests.
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