Its that time again when the candidates in Form 4 and Class 8 are to sit for that so called K.C.S/P.E Exam…
Do you remember the Tunes of those 2oth Century card melodies.. hahaaa, I bet you do, this time round we have the 21st Century Melody card 4 this Special children….
Join us on Sunday 18th Nov 2012 as we take the 21st Century Success Card to New Hope Children’s Home in Uplands and lets sing out our Best of Luck Wishes to the Lovely Kids.
Be sure this will be Crazy Fun 4 you all….
… It’s an event to Just take our Success Wishes an cards to the Candidates at New Hope children’s home in Uplands.
New Hope has been our signature project since Last year and as we have always done to this amazing kids, its time to make them Smile again.