A community week is an ENTIRE week set by a CLUB in which it carries out COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS within their community. Its always a time for a Rotaract Club to appreciate the Community through service and where we get to sell the IDEA of ROTARACT to the community.
This makes it an Essential and Fundamental Part of Rotaract Clubs in there Mission to SERVE.
Activities that the Rotaract Club of Limuru Plans to have in there 2011 2012 community week include a BLOOD DRIVE for the entire period of the week, Visits to children Homes and to other Disadvantages groups, Clean Up exercises in our towns, tree Planting activities and many More…
You can Be Part of this, U are the Person the Community Needs in whichever little way you can…. be sure It will go a long way…



I know u may have not had the feeling of RAIN in a FREEZING JUNGLE all on your  Own. Where U scream ad no one is out there to answer to your call. Where everything seems to be ZERO, NULL and VOID, and you CURSE the Heavens for the STATE you are in..

That was the feeling when we were up there at the ELEPHANT peak of the AberdaRES Mountains. We had planned it all to be a NO RAIN ZONE for our EASTER 2012 CAMP OUT., and so armed with our light SHUKAs and Sleeping Bags we thot we were all SET 4 the NIGHT UP in the MOUNTAINS.

After a 7hour Rough tiresome walk up the Mountain we were SURE we were to spend the Night up there. But the Gods gave us a WHAT WE DIDNT WANT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT., A foggy, COLD WHITE COLOURED SMOKE from their Cooking Pots maybe, was the WELCOMING site. And the RAINS didnt hesitatae to pour on us.

THe ONLY shukas we had were SOAKED WET in a nik of time and to make it worse we had no Fire to keep us Warm…….. The story from there REMAINs engrossed in our minds as my hands got FREEZING NUMB to even write the Next Line….

But BE SURE I miss to be THERE again….. THIS IS what we LOVE to DO, it Makes US get the TRUE MEaNing of LIFE…